Racket changelog
Racket changelog

Rackets now publish instantly





You might notice something new the next time you publish a Racket: New Rackets are now ready to play instantly! Our dev team has been hard at work at improving Racket's recording and publishing experience—and with that come a few tweaks to the Racket studio experience.

When you start recording a Racket, you'll no longer hear the Racket chime before you start, to make sure your microphone doesn't pick up the sound and duplicate it in your finished recording. If you have guests on your Racket, the audio should have lower latency to keep you from talking over each other, and will work better with playing music and sound effects, if you want.

Then, when you publish, your Racket will instantly be ready to share and play. No more waiting for the audio to process before it's ready to share.

It's a bunch tweaks changes that, together, make it even easier to record and share your ideas with the world.