Racket changelog
Racket changelog

Discard segments of your Rackets





Ever been recording a Racket, messed up, and wished you could just re-record that one bit instead of starting over? Now you can with Racket's new Discard feature.

It starts with pausing. As you're recording, pause whenever you need to take a breath, grab your notes, regroup with your guests and figure out what to say next. Then resume recording—and if anything goes wrong, pause again, and tap Discard to delete that more recently recorded segment.

Note: Discarded segments are gone forever, so delete with care.

Racket segments

You'll notice a new progress bar on the top of the Racket studio, with flags every time you paused. Each of those are segments—and you can delete the most recent segment, one at a time, even going back to the original 9 minute starting point if you want. Or, you can even leave your studio and come back again later, with all your segments in place for you to pick up where you left off.

resume Racket studio session

And now, once you're finished recording, the timer will stop but you won't get kicked out of the studio immediately. Instead, you can copy anything out of the chat you want, say bye to your guests, discard the last segment if you want and do a re-take—and then once you're really finished, tap Publish. Racket will then stitch all the segments together so you can publish as before, with a Racket that's got everything recorded the way you want while still not having to manually edit your audio.

Record. Pause. Discard. Try again. Make a better Racket.