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Racket changelog

Ask Anyone Anything on Racket





Racket AMA

Want to ask anyone on Racket a question, or let your followers as you anything? That's where Racket's new Ask me anything tool comes in.

On anyone's Racket profile, click the Ask me anything button (or just add /ask to the end of their Racket profile, such as racket.com/awwstn/ask) to send them a question. You can record up to 30 seconds of audio then send them your question. When they respond, you'll get notified—and their Racket response will include your question followed by their answer.

Copy your Ask link and share it with your Twitter followers and more to start your own AMA session. And when you and a friend can never seem to find the right time to record a Racket together, you can send each other AMA questions instead and record Rackets together on your own time.