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Racket changelog

Add tags to your Rackets





adding tags to a Racket

Rackets contain multiples. A title alone's not enough—you might want to categorize your Rackets and link similar ones together.

Now you can do that with Tags. Whenever you record a Racket, you can add up to 5 tags when you're adding your title and cover image. Type anything you want, an individual word or phrase, then press enter to add the tag. Racket will show popular tags as you're typing, or you can add new tags just for your Rackets. And, you can go back, edit your older Rackets, and tag them from your My Posts page.

Tags on Rackets

Then, as you're exploring Racket, you'll start seeing tags show up on the bottom of Rackets in your feed. Click a tag to explore other Rackets with the same tag, such as this list of Rackets tagged Personal Growth.

Who knows, you might find a long-lost Racket that's just what you've wanted to hear!