Racket changelog
Racket changelog

See all the Rackets you've recently played





Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 2.10.44 PM.png

Remember that Racket you listened to last week, but can't seem to find? Racket's got you covered now with the new Recently Played Rackets page.

Go to racket.com/recently_played or click _Recently played_ in the menu, to get a list of all the Rackets you've listened to. You can go back in time, give your older, favorite Rackets another listen, and rediscover Rackets you might otherwise have forgotten.

Follow people from your notifications





Follow people in Racket notifications

Someone just followed you on Racket—want to follow them back? Now you can right from your notifications.

Open your Racket Notifications, and whenever people follow you on Racket you'll see a new profile widget with their avatar and bio. If you haven't followed them yet, there's a new Follow back button to do just that.

While you're at it, you can click through to their profile and send them a DM or ask them a question, too!

Search everything on Racket






Looking for a Racket? A Racketeers? A tag? A quote you know you heard here but never could find again?

Racket's new search has everything you need. Type what you're looking for in the left sidebar, or jump over to racket.com/search to search. Racket will dig through Racket titles, transcripts, tags, accounts, bios, and more to find what you're looking for.

And, if you find more Rackets than you can listen to right now, tap the + button to save them to your queue for later.

Mark sensitive Rackets as NSFW





Racket NSFW settings

Some things aren't great to talk about in the workplace, or with little ears around. For those Rackets, we've added a new NSFW tag.

Whenever you publish a Racket, if it includes sensitive topics that might not be suitable everywhere, there's a new NSFW option you can select. Check the box, then your Racket will be hidden from the feed and only show up on your profile and for those who have enabled NSFW content on their accounts.

With that also comes a couple new options in your Racket account settings. You can choose to have NSFW Rackets show up in your feed, if you want, and can also set your entire Racket account as NSFW to automatically mark your Rackets as NSFW if you'd like.

That goes along with our Racket Community Guidelines, which includes details about Racket's content policies and some tips on helping Racket stay a friendly community, one that's safe for everyone and still lets you share anything you're ready to share with the world.

Add tags to your Rackets





adding tags to a Racket

Rackets contain multiples. A title alone's not enough—you might want to categorize your Rackets and link similar ones together.

Now you can do that with Tags. Whenever you record a Racket, you can add up to 5 tags when you're adding your title and cover image. Type anything you want, an individual word or phrase, then press enter to add the tag. Racket will show popular tags as you're typing, or you can add new tags just for your Rackets. And, you can go back, edit your older Rackets, and tag them from your My Posts page.

Tags on Rackets

Then, as you're exploring Racket, you'll start seeing tags show up on the bottom of Rackets in your feed. Click a tag to explore other Rackets with the same tag, such as this list of Rackets tagged Personal Growth.

Who knows, you might find a long-lost Racket that's just what you've wanted to hear!

Preview your Rackets before publishing





Preview Racket audio

Want to know how your Racket sounds before publishing? There's now a new Preview tool to listen to your Racket while you're adding a title and cover photo.

Record your Racket as normal, then when you're finished in the the studio go publish your Racket. There, at the top of the page, you can listen first, make sure everything sounds good, and then publish. Your Racket will likely sound great—but if not, you can go back to the Studio, record again, and publish the version that sounds the best.

And then, it's time to share your Racket with the world without wondering how it sounds!

Rackets now publish instantly





You might notice something new the next time you publish a Racket: New Rackets are now ready to play instantly! Our dev team has been hard at work at improving Racket's recording and publishing experience—and with that come a few tweaks to the Racket studio experience.

When you start recording a Racket, you'll no longer hear the Racket chime before you start, to make sure your microphone doesn't pick up the sound and duplicate it in your finished recording. If you have guests on your Racket, the audio should have lower latency to keep you from talking over each other, and will work better with playing music and sound effects, if you want.

Then, when you publish, your Racket will instantly be ready to share and play. No more waiting for the audio to process before it's ready to share.

It's a bunch tweaks changes that, together, make it even easier to record and share your ideas with the world.

Ask Anyone Anything on Racket





Racket AMA

Want to ask anyone on Racket a question, or let your followers as you anything? That's where Racket's new Ask me anything tool comes in.

On anyone's Racket profile, click the Ask me anything button (or just add /ask to the end of their Racket profile, such as racket.com/awwstn/ask) to send them a question. You can record up to 30 seconds of audio then send them your question. When they respond, you'll get notified—and their Racket response will include your question followed by their answer.

Copy your Ask link and share it with your Twitter followers and more to start your own AMA session. And when you and a friend can never seem to find the right time to record a Racket together, you can send each other AMA questions instead and record Rackets together on your own time.

Read Racket transcripts





Racket Transcript

Want to quote something from a Racket, or read along as your favorite Racketeers talk? Racket's new Transcripts make that possible.

You can now view transcripts on any Racket to see a written version of the audio. Tap the 3-dot menu, then select Transcript to get the full text. It makes Rackets more accessible, and easier to share—if the Racket says something quotable, you can copy the text, and share it directly on Twitter and more.

If the auto-transcripts get something wrong—and, odds are, they will—you can even edit the Transcript text and add more details. Open the Your Posts page from your Racket menu, click Edit beside the Racket you want to tweak, then you can change anything in the transcript you want … and even add more details and show notes, if you'd like.

Add your Twitter & blog to your Racket profile





twitter + blog on Racket

Racket's not your only place to share stuff online. Now you can pull all of your favorite places online into your Racket profile.

Edit your Racket profile, and near the bottom you'll see a new option to add a link to your site or blog, and a Twitter account. Plus, you can update your Racket profile with Markdown-formatted text, if you'd like Save the changes—then back on your Racket profile you'll see your new links ready for everyone else to discover.

And the next time anyone shares your Rackets on Twitter, they'll include your username so you'll get notified, too!